Week 5

This week in class we went over our Seven Deadly Sins html drafts and received feedback on revisions we need to make. My sin html is Anger/Wrath. The class went over the assignment for project 3. After that we worked on our projects for the rest of class.

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Week 4

There was no class due to the professor getting sick. Instead we were left with module 6 to work on and to have ready by next class. Originally we were suppose to present the facebook banners to the owners of Wheeler Farm.

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VCD 208 week 3

As a class, we critiqued our updated banners for more suggestions. With what we learned, we made more edits to our banners and timeline pictures. For homework, we had to resize the banners and make a copy with only 20% filled with text.

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VCD 208 Week 2

In Jennifer Schuster’s class we critiqued our Facebook banners and went over how to make edits for next class. We also learned coding to make pages we could place our banners on.

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